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Let’s be candid; we had wholly intended to write an article about a new president, a new sense of optimism and perhaps a new way of doing business better. You only need to look at the headlines to know that isn’t our current reality. Like any savvy entrepreneur, we are pivoting to share something timelier and more helpful with you all, maintaining perspective.

You may find yourself today feeling pessimistic and down about the future. We know that feeling. Having launched a creative advertising agency during the pandemic, lockdowns and economic uncertainty, we’ve had our fair share of shifting our…

All the things you can only get from working with a global creative collective

Before there was Aurora, there was an idea that we could perhaps build the agency of the future. We put this question to CMO’s, Marketing Directors and industry leaders, what does the agency of the future look like? Their answers were surprisingly similar: fast, flexible, transparent, and agile. Collectively, we knew that a traditional agency model, housed in bricks and mortar, wouldn’t fill the needs and requirements of the agency of the future, so we set out to create something new.

Adaptable: The result is Aurora’s creative collective. What makes our proposition radical is that we create a team of…

Aurora was born out of a belief that the traditional agency model was no longer fit for purpose for clients today. In a world rocked by COVID19, shaped by social movements and disrupted by technological advances, we saw a space opening for something new. At the heart of that new thing was a desire for radical diversity and fearless candour.

Aurora is a new global creative collective designed by and for the world’s biggest and most ambitious brands. Brands who want a new type of agency of the future. We learned that clients wanted what we term “Kindred Allies”, partners…

Aurora Agency

Hi, we’re Aurora. A new agency model powered by a global collective and driven by an insatiable desire to create the best work of our lives.

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